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Accessories usually are used alongside other items and in fact complete the final look. Accessories make different styles more attractive, chick and trendy depending on the items were decided to be used. In other words, each item that can be used as completion of the look except clothes can be categorized as accessories. Clothes may be elegant and attractive but accessories will make that attraction and beauty bold and recognizable. Thus, it can be stated that the role of accessories are as significant as clothes in order to have a stylish and elegant final look.

Giorgio Armani

Accessories are usually chosen by personal preference and taste and represent individual’s personality on their style and look. According to Giorgio Armani, accessories are very important and the level of their importance is increasing day by day.

On one hand, fashion and jewelry accessories can complete your style on the other hand, they help you to make a simple clothes more attractive or even cover any imperfections in your look. Seasonal and fashion trends are usually changed by add or removing a particular kind of accessory such as belt, hat, necklace, scarf, umbrella, bag or purses and will create a new or trendy look. Accessories helps you to make a fashion statement by reflecting your personality into your look and present the greater version of yourself.

Accessories can be categorized into two main types, first category consist of items that can be carry such as bag, purse, sun glasses, handheld fan, umbrella and wallet. Second category included those that can be wear such as coat, shoes, boots, tie, hat, cap, belt, suspender, gloves, jewelries, scarfs, watch and socks.

Accessories play a major role in women’s look and influence their style by adding a happy and creative soul to it. Therefore, women accessories are way more various and different than men accessories. However, men also can make their look more attractive and unique by adding accessories to their outfits.

Using accessories became common since 21st century in Victorian era. Modern accessories like umbrella and gloves actually were represented women’s social level and background. At that point of time women used accessories in order to living a happier lifestyle. For instance, wearing gloves would help them to hide the symptoms of work and tiredness on their hands. Moreover, hats are the main example of men accessories which gained popularity among upper class men from beginning of 16th century and most men usually wear different kinds of it during that time.

TANDIS also offers a great range of accessories despite jewelries and continuously investigating fashion trends in order to purchase the latest accessory products from the best local and foreign factories then presenting them to the customers. Variety of accessory products are offering by TANDIS but some of them are: hair claws, hair bands, head bands, bags, brooches, scarf clips, bracelets and bag charms and key chains.

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