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Jewelries play a major role in fashion industry since 300 years ago. That was a time when low income people also could afford to wear jewels that not only suited their attire best but also were elegant. On the other hand, it was from Victorian era till first of 20th century when jewelry designers start to design creative jewels made by glass which were resembled expensive gems and diamonds so customers could wear the greatest designed jewels with lower price.

Brands in History

Currently, jewelries are usually made for most of festivals and events from Halloween to Valentine’s day. There are many popular brands working successfully in this industry such as Versace, Swatch, Viennois and Xuping. It has to be mentioned that, however, people still use jewelries in the same way as before but the manufacturing process have changed throughout past years. At present, jewelry accessories are designed in one country, manufactured in another and sold in others. In other words, borders and location have lost their meaning in such industry.

One of the greatest challenges that any retailer could face in this industry is finding a trustworthy wholesaler that offers great range of variety in products and also grantee the quality of presenting goods. We have identified the real need of customers through many market research and sales analysis and have tried ever since to offer the best deal to them. we have attempt to provide a situation that customers do not have to work with multiple distributors in order to fulfil their single need which is accessibility to various, fashionable and trendy designs with appropriate price and great quality.

TANDIS offers a great range of product to customers. All of products have been chosen with great amount of consideration from well-known and reputed brands and it has to be said that this level of consideration in our purchase process will directly affect the sale performance of retailers. TANDIS supply chain department constantly is investigating the latest trends in the market in order to purchase products with value proposition not only in design but also in price and quality. All of products will be examine one by one right after delivery in terms of quality assurance then will be transferred to packaging department and after system registration and assigning a particular par code for each product they will be shifted to sale department to be presented in our show room. TANDIS also offer repair services in case of any possible defect and flaw that customers may face while using our products. Indeed, TANDIS has always attempt to turn your purchase act to a sweet partnership experience.

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