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Silver Bangles

TANDIS pays a great attention to Bangles based on its broad experience in the industry as well as critical market analysis. We are offering more than 300 different designs of silver and brass bangles. Our brass bangles are made in, Tabriz-Iran, India & China which are not only possess high quality but also were guaranteed for stable plating for more than six months. Despite high quality of our offering bangles the price is quite less and competitive.


Silver bangles presented in TANDIS are made by the best raw material available in the market and manufactured according to the latest methods. The foreign raw materials using for manufacturing silver bangles are from fine silver which has millesimal fineness of 999 and assessing the grade of its fineness is based on German and British silvers.

silver will be melted by electromagnetic machines and will be shaped by advanced German equipment then bangle base will be ready for lathing and turning by hands or advanced CNC tools and equipment under master supervision. Plating is the most important phase in silver bangles manufacturing process. Turning bangles are planting through a very critical and sensitive procedure which consist of first washing secondly golden plating with fineness of 9999 and then applying German radium plating. At the final stage Nano solution will be applied in order to develop a stable plating.

It has to be mentioned that TANDIS is constantly trying to offer the highest quality of end product to customers by continuous improvement and exclusive control of the manufacturing process.

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