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Xuping is a well-known and famous jewelry brand in the industry and offer a variety range of jewelry accessories from ring, earrings, bracelets, pendant, anklet, bangles to sets. Xuping was founded in 1991 in china, the great majority of Xuping customers are those who are fond of Zircon which is known by eastern gems.

Global partnerships

Xuping Co. has invested in and have multiple partners in many countries such as Korea, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Italy and Germany and by relay on these partnerships Xuping is continuously making and introducing millions of creative designs to the market annually.

The main factors that differentiate Xuping from competitors are mainly creative and trendy designs. It has to be mentioned that raw materials which are used in manufacturing process are approved and certified by SGS (General Society of Surveillance). All of Xuping’s end products are high standard and are adoptable to regional climate and environmental situations.

Xuping is one of leading companies in China’s jewelry and accessories industry. There are many reasons that differentiate Xuping from other its other counterparts in the industry but the main reasons are: Closing great number of business deals annually, offering competitive advantages and partnerships with more than 2000 companies around the word from far east of Asia, northern America, Russia and Eastern Europe. Xuping Co. also benefited from competent human resource by recruiting more than 3000 employees responsible for designing and manufacturing fashionable and trendy products in china and all over the world.

Xuping goods are usually made of Copper with radium,18k, 24k or 14k gold plating. The gold plating of xuping jewels are slightly different than other available jewels in the market since their gold plating is actually resembled rose gold color. Furthermore, stones and gems are using in Xuping jewelries are made from industrial Zircon stone with high quality or Swarovski crystals. In another words, Xuping products have attracted incredible attention around the world due to high quality and competitive price and recognized as one of the most popular brands in this industry.

As it was mentioned, gems embedded in Xuping jewelries are selected from high quality gems so there is not any risk of gems losing or defecting. Therefore, Xuping presenting a great variety of items such as rings, necklaces and sets with colored stones and gems for those who prefer to shop and own these kinds of jewelry without any hesitation about stone’s quality.

TANDIS Co. by rely on its board experience, love and support from loyal customers have successfully certified as an official branch of Xuping on 2018. Therefore, our customers could purchase genuine goods with lower price possible and be sure about quality. Moreover, in order to presenting enormous designs of Xuping products and making our customers shopping more convenient we dedicated a separate show room on 2018 for offering Xuping goods then represent Xuping brand in the way it deserves to be presented.

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